Just another SEO Extension you didn't ask for

"Just another SEO Extension" (JASE, for the friends)

Annoyed by having 15 different SEO extensions? Tired of all the bookmarklets you pinned in your Chrome bookmarks bar? I was

Built by an iGaming full-time SEO guy for himself and whoever wants ~

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Trusted by no one but me
Here some random non-existent business logos to prove it:


Some stuff you didn't even care about...

…but I have to fill the template gaps somehow. Lorem ipsum. Don’t you think so?

No-log: 100% privacy

Nothing is saved. We do not track anything. I mean…

I thought about selling your data but I don’t think it’s too profitable as business (or is it? I reserve the right to change idea btw, just in case)


You can customize the design and the features.

You can even add new js bookmarklets.

iGaming focus

Track highest CPC keywords th domain is ranking for, find gambling linked domains & find out if a website published casino guest posts at all or in the last year only

Your SEO Swiss Army Knife

seo swiss army knife

(sorry Scrapebox, i like your tagline)

Now you can finally clean your bookmark and extensions bars

Downsizing seo extensions

Built by an iGaming full-time SEO

Wide selection of javascript bookmarklets that you’ve probably filled your Chrome bookmarks bar with (now you can clean up!)

Ornament 3

SEO bookmarklets in one place

all seo bookmarklets in one extension
just another seo extension settings section

Highly customizable

You can change the menu order, enable position numbers on serp, disable breadbcrubs to view full URLs and enable the local search simulator.

seo extension Overview section

Powerful overview

All you need to know, in seconds.

Easily spot errors

Spot images without alt tag, without title or both. Export or highlight them.

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seo extension image section
Ornament 3
seo extension headings section

Immediate view of the OnPage structure

See all the links

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seo extension links section
seo extension open multiple urls

Open multiple URLs at once

Look at the Robots.txt

seo extension robots section
seo extension socials section

Gather the social metadata (Open Graph)

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Check the structured data markup behind the page

seo extension schema markup section

Fast, simple & reliable.

Use it for free

Save time and use the top pin bar to save your favorite js bookmarklets and saving time on day-by-day tasks